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Top Used Car Dealerships in Tucson AZ

Dennis Walsh @lawjolla
Owner, Crosscut
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Top Used Car Dealerships in Tucson

Our Tucson customers ask where to go when we don't have their perfect car or truck.

After years in the business and knowing the owners, here's what we tell them for a solid Tucson, Arizona car buying experience.

Cactus Auto, Used Car Dealer on Prince Road in Tucson AZ

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... that's a lot of cars!

Cactus is one of Tucson's oldest used car dealers. Their founder is a family friend and recently handed the reigns to his son that I know from pre-school.

They are the opposite of us -- focused on the in person experience. Their online car buying experience is limited to a brief description and a few pictures, but their salesmen are knowledgeable and focused.

Their inventory is one of the largest. Cactus normally has over 100 vehicles for sale ranging from old Buick LeSabres to late model BMWs and Audis. They are value shoppers and try to make a good deal whatever the buy. (As opposed to program lots that try to always have a certain number of particular vehicles always for sale)

Precision Incorporated, Used Car Dealer on Grant Road in Tucson

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It's not always a Honda...

Precision Inc. started as (and still is) the best Honda repair shop in the city. I took my Honda Prelude to Precision in 1996 and recommended all Honda owners to their service since.

From service, they branched into the Tucson used car dealership market specializing in -- you guessed it -- Honda and Acuras with a few other imports sprinkled in.

The owner is obsessed with customer service and honesty. It's one of the few lots where I can comfortably say that the used car or truck is fully disclosed.

If you're in the Honda/Acura market, check here second. (Us first, of course. 🤣)

Lens Auto Brokerage, Tucson Car Dealer on Stone Ave.

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I guess someone likes Jeeps? 🤷‍♂️

Len's is going on 30 years and is one of our main competitors in the used diesel truck space. But while we compete to buy them, we're happy to recommend them.

They always have late model to vintage diesel and gas used trucks.

Like Cactus Auto, they focus on hand shakes an in person service. (Yes, some people really want to hang out with used car salesmen. Apparently.)

Crosscut, nonsense hating Tucson AZ used car dealership loving the low rent in an industrial park.

What kind of list would this be if I couldn't toot our horn?

We started in 2002 selling sight unseen on eBay. Since then, we've written our own software to create a dynamic car buying experience and puts the tedious parts of used car buying -- like negotiating, inspection reports, test drive videos, etc. -- online and lets you complete the transaction in person or fully online.

It's how we want to buy cars.

But we recognize that we don't always have the used car or truck that would work best for you, so we encourage you to check out our friends above.

... but make sure we don't have it first!

6.0L diesels, 7.3 diesels, 4x4 trucks, diesels generally, or everything

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