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How we make car buying easy

We remove all the nonsense from car buying. Here's how it works...

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    Find Your Car

    Browse our full inventory, search for the specific make and model. And if your next car isn't on the site yet, save the search and you'll be notified the second it is.

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    All Flaws Shown

    We publish the full 198+ point inspection report, Carfax, 90+ high definition photos, and a 15 minute high definition video. Most dealers hide flaws, but we highlight them.

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    Make an online offer

    We don't force you into a cubicle with some smooth-talking salesman. Once you've found a vehicle you like, click "Make Offer." The process takes 5 minutes.

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    Test Drive

    Once we have an agreed price, set up a test drive appointment online. Or if you are comfortable with our complete disclosures and do not need a test drive, you can skip this step.

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    Make a Deposit

    The vehicle remains for sale until there's a deposit. Make the $500 deposit via secured credit card. It holds the vehicle for one week and goes towards the purchase price.

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    Sign and Pay

    Electronically sign documents, including the purchase agreement, buyer's guide, and upload a copy of your driver's license. You can pay by wire, direct deposit, cashier's check, or through your lender. Your online folder will provide the details.

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    Done! Take delivery in person or have the car shipped to your own. Then let us know how we did. If it wasn't the most efficient and simple car buying experience, we want to know!

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