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Pay for your car online in under a minute

Dennis Walsh @lawjolla
Owner, Crosscut
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You know we hate nonsense, and one of the biggest sources of buying nonsense is the trip to the bank for a cashier’s check or wire.  It’s 2021 but we're still paying with 1940s methods -- we had to fix that for our customers.

But it is ambitious; no dealer of any size takes full vehicle payment from a phone.  Only we can pull off something like this because we write our own software.

So we partnered with the leading payment processor and the best account authenticator to cut out your bank run.  Now you can test drive and pay when you return to our office.  Or if you’re buying sight unseen and shipping, there’s no more bank + UPS check mailing.

Here’s how it works.

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Pay online from start to finish in less than a minute

Verify your account with Plaid

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments require a verified bank account.  Traditional verification uses “microdeposits” -- small penny deposits -- where the customer verifies the deposit amounts.  But, this process takes days, and we need it done instantly… so enter Plaid.

Plaid is the leading bank authenticator.  They partner with thousands of financial institutions to securely verify account information.

Click “connect your bank account” to open Plaid’s secured portal.  Then, select your financial institution and enter your online banking login information.

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Party time, excellent...

Wait… do what!? I know, this is heresy -- asking you to give your bank login to someone other than your bank.  Are we nuts?

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We’d only ask our customers to do things we fully understand and vet.  We’ve used Plaid’s other products internally for 6 years to help manage our accounting, and large apps get Plaid’s assistance behind the scenes, like SoFi, Venmo, and Chime.  Plaid gives a great explanation on why they’re involved and what they do.  We have full confidence in Plaid and their security/privacy.

Authorize Payment

Once the account is verified, you’ll come to our payment sheet page where you can select your account, see the total due (click the “show deal line items” button to see the total due breakdown), and change the total due amount if you want to make a lesser payment.  You can also add another account if you want to make payments from different accounts.

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Select account, verify total, enter payment amount, confirm it.

Confirm the charge and we direct Plaid to send your information to Stripe who processes the ACH charge.  And then watch our signature 3D confetti (brand colored, of course) fly!

Evaluate your car from home with our great quality pictures, HD test drive video, and full inspection report.  Second, make an online offer and reach a deal.  Then test drive or have us ship it.

And now, pay for it within one minute from your phone!  🎉 Bank nonsense is over!

As always, if you have any questions, we are here to help.

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