2013 Ford F150 Gas 4x4 12015 for sale at Crosscut

2013 Ford F150 Lariat FX4

100,215 miles

4x4 / Gas


This Ford is sold

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V6, Flex Fuel, 3.7 Liter
Automatic, 6-Spd
Salvage from prior theft



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FAQ and Terms

Can I test drive?
We welcome a test drive after a price agreement. Most dealers only discuss price in person -- an age old strategy to waste your time and extract a higher price. Not us. We value everyone's time, so let's see if we can make a deal first!
How can I ship the vehicle?
We can ship all over the country. Please contact us and let us know your zip code and interested vehicle.
Can I finance?
We don't currently offer secondary ("in house") lending... yet. In the interim, we are happy to work with your lender provided they do not require the title to be in their name prior to full payment.
What's the deposit?
Your $500 deposit secures the sale for one week and goes towards the purchase price. Because your deposit takes the vehicle offline, we must make deposits non-refundable to offset the monetary loss of returning a sold vehicle to current sales.
What are the taxes and fees?


Sales tax (8.7%) and $250 doc fee.


No sales tax or doc fee. The negotiated final price is your price. Your state may charge taxes. Please check with your state for more information.


Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute 42-5061(U), out of state buyers that take delivery in Arizona will pay sales tax according to their home state's tax rate, plus 2.7% for city tax, AND a $250 doc fee. All customers who take delivery in Arizona will receive a voucher showing taxes paid in Arizona to avoid being double charged by their home state. Licensed dealers do not pay sales tax.

What is not inspected?
Unless we explicitly say a certain item was checked, please assume that it was not checked. As a matter of policy, we do not check: CD players, fuel gauges, cruise control, or aftermarket parts. HVAC tested when weather permits.
What is not included?
Unless it is pictured, in the video, or mentioned in the ad, please assume it is not included. And specifically, please assume the vehicle does not come with a spare tire, tire tools, keyless entry, radio, antenna, manuals, service history, or multiple keys unless pictured.
Can I have it inspected?
We inspect all vehicles and give you all of the information so inspections are largely moot, but as one customer said, "When my wife says she's not sitting on the remote, it's not that I don't trust her...". If that's you, you are free take the vehicle to a reputable shop.
Will it pass emissions?
Unless specifically noted in the ad/video, we guarantee our vehicles to pass Arizona emissions before sale. However, with 49 other states and 49 other sets of laws, it is impossible for us to guarantee 50 state compliance.
What maintenance was done?
Unless noted in the "Repairs Made" section above, we do not perform any maintenance. That includes all fluids, air filter, etc. Several years ago we changed fluids, but buyers thought the new fluids indicated that we were hiding something. Silly, in our opinion, but the sentiment occurred enough that we stopped changing fluids. We do check all fluids for the proper amount.
How complete is the video?
This ad contains a video where we describe the vehicle further and give you close ups of various features and issues to give you an in depth and personal look at the vehicle. By making an offer, you agree that you have watched the above video, the descriptions in the video are part of this agreement, and you accept the video representations in full. If the video and website ad contradict, the written text controls.

Salvage Title from Prior Theft FAQ

What is a salvage title?
It's a brand put on a title, almost exclusively by insurance companies, to note when a car has been deemed a "total loss." A total loss occurs when the insurance company pays out the value of the car to its insured. Insurance companies pay out the value of the car to the owner when it is stolen. Therefore, a brand of "salvage" is then placed on the title.
I've heard to not buy salvage title vehicles because they're bad cars and cannot be resold. Is that true?
Most are bad. However, with our years of experience, we know the difference between the good cars and bad ones. When we get a bad one, we simply sell it wholesale -- it never makes it to this site. Both Roger and Dennis drive salvage title theft recoveries. Roger loads his children in a salvage title from theft Toyota Matrix daily. We believe in these cars.As for resale, that's just a question of price. E.g., if you own a great condition salvage title Ferrari for $10,000, you will have no problem selling it. You'll be able to sell this Ford because you will buy it for much less than its clean title, often worse condition, equivalent.
Why does this Ford have a salvage title?
Insurance companies must declare a vehicle salvage from an accident when there is a total loss, but they have discretion with theft vehicles. Many insurance companies choose to salvage all thefts, regardless of condition, as a policy to avoid liability; this Ford is such a vehicle.
Was this Ford in a wreck?
No. It has not been involved in a major, salvage-level accident.
How do I get a loan/insurance on a salvage title vehicle?
To be driven on the street, get a loan, and have it insured, a salvage title car must be converted from a salvage branding to "restored salvage." A restored salvage title is issued when the state inspects the car and deems it to be safe and road worthy. We do not anticipate any problem passing an inspection, and we guarantee that it will pass Arizona inspection. Please note that most lending institutions will not loan on a salvage or restored salvage vehicle. Your best bet is a local credit union. If you need financing, please secure it before making an offer. We do not offer in house financing (yet).
I'd really like to get a loan and/or drive this Ford home, but you say it's still salvage, so how can I do it without having the title restored?
We will be happy to take the Ford down to motor vehicle for $200 and get the Ford a restored salvage title. We leave the title salvage in case the buyer would rather do it themselves. Please note however that you cannot drive the salvage title car away: IT MUST BE SHIPPED. If you pay us to restore the title, then it can be driven. It's up to you-- very easy either way!. That said, most banks and many credit unions will not lend on a restored salvage title vehicle. Please contact your preferred lender for their policies.
Can it be driven?
Only after the title is converted to a restored salvage title. (please see answer above!) The Ford cannot be driven until the title is restored.
Is this really a good idea?
Crosscut has two cars for business use-- a 15 BMW 428 and an 05 Toyota Matrix. Both cars are restored salvage and similar to this vehicle in their histories. And both cars have provided years of service without an issue. You can go to the dealer and pay thousands more.... or you can buy our for much less and enjoy the same vehicle! You'll be thrilled with your decision. Look at our feedback and see how many others loved their decision!
Why doesn't Crosscut restore the title before sale?
Some of our buyers are very experienced with salvage title vehicles, and they can save money by having it inspected on their own. We can restore the title for $200, or you can do it on your own, so long as it is towed from our property and not driven on the street.
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No used car is perfect. View 90+ professional damage highlighting pictures.

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