Crosscut - Used vehicle buying for people that hate nonsense.

Vehicle buying for people that hate nonsense

Traditional car buying is a horrible experience. We help buyers skip the nonsensical sales gimmicks, save time, and save money by disclosing flaws and bringing the tedious parts of car shopping online.

Other sellers hide flaws.

We highlight them.

Full inspection report, 15 minute test drive video, 100 detailed photos, and 5 minute online negotiation.

Cut to the chase

We sell them how we want to buy them -- straight to the point. No used anything is perfect, so we put it all on the table and let you decide if the flaws work for you.

Save money
You don’t pay for a showroom, salespeople salaries, managers, snack bars, or hidden fees. And we don't waste hours of your time to extract a higher sales price. That means you get better prices for great vehicles.
Save time
We don’t force you into a cubicle with some smooth-talking salesman. Browse our inventory, read our full inspection report, watch our 15 minute test drive video, and negotiate a price online.
No surprises
We publish the full 198-point inspection, full Carfax report, 90+ high definition photos, and a 15 minute driving video. Most dealers hide flaws and leave you to wander the lot and discover them. We highlight them.

Never going to a dealership again.

I bought my new to me truck while I was in Europe. Dennis was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, and removed any doubts around buying a truck online. Between the video, Carfax, and pictures, there were no surprises. The process was efficient, and can be done end to end entirely online. I bought the truck in Europe, Dennis helped arrange shipping …I had a nearly new truck waiting for me when I got back.

I’m now looking for an excuse to buy another truck from Dennis.

David / ALASKA
2015 GMC Denali Diesel
Are you "Old School"?

It doesn’t need to be all online

Most of our buyers love purchasing their new vehicle completely online. But we haven't converted everyone... yet.

If you fall in the "I need to see it!" camp, no problem! You can make a test drive appointment online after we agree on a price.

But if try to join the "I need to see it before talking price!" camp, we won't let you make that mistake. Dealerships salivate over that thinking. Learn why negotiating in person is the biggest mistake customers make when buying a new car.

"My Grandfather flew out and... was a bit worried about buying a vehicle off the internet at first but now I can say that they have earned my trust."

Josh, San Diego

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