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Typical car buying is a horrible experience.

But this isn't typical.

We help you save time, save money, and avoid the stupid sales gimmicks by highlighting flaws and bringing the tedious parts of car shopping online.

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Tom, AZ

5 out of 5 stars

Crosscut really did take the nonsense out of purchasing a vehicle. There are no surprises and the prices are right. I can't say enough good about the Crosscut way of purchasing a vehicle.

Worried about buying a lemon?

We've got you covered

Imagine the relief of finally buying the right car in the next 30 minutes.

Here's how.

We don't let you miss flawsWe don't let you miss flaws

No used car is perfect. View 90+ professional damage highlighting pictures.

No used car is perfect. View 90+ professional damage highlighting pictures.

Never going to a dealership again.

I bought my new to me truck while I was in Europe. Dennis was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process... Between the video, Carfax, and pictures, there were no surprises. The process was efficient, and can be done end to end entirely online.

I’m now looking for an excuse to buy another truck from Crosscut.

David / ALASKA
2015 GMC Denali Diesel
happy customer
Jon in AZ


5 out of 5 stars

I have been following Crosscut for a few years now... Man am I glad I chose them. Dennis went out of his way to assist me with my lender who was less than helpful. I will definitely be recommending family and friends to them. Thank you Crosscut, you guys are awesome!
Jim in CA


5 out of 5 stars

I don't enjoy the extended negotiations and inefficient buying process of traditional automobile dealerships. Therefore, I am very pleased with my straight-forward, completely transparent, and stress-free purchase from Crosscut. I got a great vehicle at a very fair price.
Are you "Old School"?

It doesn’t need to be all online

Most of our buyers love purchasing their new vehicle completely online. But we haven't converted everyone... yet.

If you fall in the "I need to see it!" camp, no problem! You can make a test drive appointment online after we agree on a price.

But if you try to join the "I need to see it before talking price!" camp, we won't let you make that mistake. Dealerships salivate over that thinking. Learn why negotiating in person is the biggest mistake customers make when buying a new car.

"My Grandfather flew out and... was a bit worried about buying a vehicle off the internet at first but now I can say that they have earned my trust."

Josh, San Diego

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